Meet Rani Rafees – The Social Media Sensation with Thousands of Followers

Meet Rani Rafees - The Social Media Sensation with Thousands of Followers - 1

In this current World, people have huge attachments to their mobile phones. As technology improves, the number of social media apps is increasing drastically. Though we know about the negative effect of social media on our mental health, these apps can be used for a better cause if people follow the contents that give them positive energy. Content creators like Rani Rafees are those positive fame people need nowadays.

Rani was born in Sri Lanka and raised in the United Arab Emirates. Being a staunch follower of Islam, Rani is morally and culturally enriched. From the beginning of her career, Rani had a keen interest in the media and entertainment industry, which led her to Preston University in the USA for studying acting, directing and screenwriting.

With more than five lakh followers on Instagram, Rani is also popular on TikTok for her positive content. She left her embarkment on the music industry as well. She is also a successful entrepreneur as she runs a fashion and beauty brand which is named Al Fateh Marketing agency. With the utmost dedication to her work and lifestyle, she managed to draw a commendable impact on this society.

About content sharing on social media, she said, “My intention is to provide quality content on social networking sites for the people”. Following those thoughts, through her social accounts, Rani shares her Travel stories, spreads awareness about social causes, promotes women’s empowerment and motivates people to follow their dream no matter how much the hurdles are there.
This much-needed fame of Rani Rafees has not gone in vain as she got two prestigious awards for her hard work, talent and her attribute to spread positivity through social media. She received The MeiTalk Top 100 influencers award and the SHE PERSONALITY award in 2022. Rani’s success will continue to encourage people to follow their passion and believe in their potential.

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